It takes some time to process. Seeing your village spread out across the plain below you for the very first time. Seeing the far off horizon. Actually walking around in some of the history of your own community. Touching the walls of the castle so near to your home and yet such a very different world, with such a very different view.

It takes some thinking about.

It changes the way you see the world and the way you think about yourself and begins to open up all kinds of possibilities and provokes all kinds of questions.

We all know that education is so much more than learning to read or write.

We currently have around 700 children (under the age of 18) registered with us and around 200 of those attend our play schools, homework clubs and creative clubs.

Our creative education programs this last week included visits to the castle in Siria that included lots of climbing, exploring, games and laughter.

We had visits to the Zoo in Timisoara, to see monkeys, zebras and turtles and then to the Museum to see something of Romanian history.

Another group went canoeing through the forest in Arad.

And our football team played against another team that came to visit us all the way from Cluj.