Who are we

Our Team

We like to think that we are a young (at heart, at least), dynamic, open-minded, international, inter-denominational missions team. We have people of all ages, from 18 to their late 50’s… We currently have people with us from Romania, England, Ireland, Sweden, and the U.S.A. and over the years have had people from many different denominational backgrounds including Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Presbyterian, Anglican, Lutheran, Free Methodist and Greek Orthodox. Our missions team is supported by both full time and part time Romanian staff as well as short and medium term volunteers from around the world. If you would be interested in joining us or getting involved as a short or medium term volunteer or as part of a team,  then please check out the getting involved pages and if you are interested in longer-term or the missions training program, then please check out the missions training pages

Board Members

Our board is made up of members from England, Sweden and Romania.

Lee Saville – President; founder A.N.P NetWorks – non-practicing solicitor (England)
Solicitor (non-practising) and former managing partner of a medium sized commercial law practice based in the north of England. Lee has lived in Romania since 1996 and co-founded a Romanian charity working with street children in northwest Romania. That organisation successfully opened a day centre for street children, a school programme and 6 homes for children and young people formerly living on the streets. Lee also managed and administrated the charity’s trading company, which provided training and employment for young people who formerly lived on the streets. In 2001, Lee recognized the need to address some of the complex social and economic issues that can lead to children and young people living on the streets and co-founded NetWorks for this purpose. Lee now spends all his time working for NetWorks.

Ingemar Gotestam – Vice President; founder and former director of Reningsborg (Sweden)
Ingemar is the Vice President of NetWorks and the founder and former director of Reningsborg, a Swedish charity based in Gothenburg, Sweden established in 1992. Reningsborg has been involved in supporting works in Sweden, Bosnia and Romania for many years.

Alexandru Nadrag – Director (Romania)
Alexandru (Sandu) is one of the directors of NetWorks and has worked with Lee since 1996.

Nelu Vatamaniuc – Director (Romania)
Nelu worked with Lee from 1996 to 2007, helping children and young people living on the streets in Arad. Nelu currently works with Reningsborg in Sweden.