Crisis help

When a crisis develops then access to savings or credit will usually help us navigate our way back to a place of safety. The poor don’t usually have savings and can’t usually access credit. A crisis for the poor can render an entire family homeless. We have many years of experience working with street children and so know how devastating homelessness can be.

Crisis help can look like rebuilding a collapsed roof on a mud brick home, medicine for a pregnant mum or a sick child, or a pair of shoes in the winter. No two people are exactly the same and everything we do is rooted in trusting relationships built over time.

Urgent repairs to homes

Small hand made mud brick buildings need to regularly maintained to protect them against the damage that can be done by the elements. A collapsing wall or roof can easily render a family homeless.


In a country where the winters are long and the temperature can fall to well below -25 degrees Celsius firewood is not just about comfort, it is about survival. A truck of wood this last year cost around 400 Euros (around £339 or $526) and would last a family around 4 months.

Flour distribution

Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods and is still recognised as one of the staple foods in Europe. In Romania it would be rare for a family (even a family with a good income) to sit down to a meal without bread

When a family is living “on the edge” crisis can take many other forms. No food, a sickness needing medical care and medications, a death in the family, a broken window in the middle of winter and every crisis no matter what it is, threatens these fragile family units.