Education is one of the fundamental keys to breaking the cycles that trap entire families in extreme poverty for generations.

It begins with the smallest of children and navigates upwards along the steep, narrow, rocky winding and seemingly impossible road to higher education and beyond.

But education is not only about learning to read and write it is about changing the way we think about ourselves and the world around us. It is about enabling people to dream for themselves and for their children. It is about vision and hope and possibilities.

Play school program

Learning to play, to hold a crayon, to draw, to colour, to create, to ask questions, to listen to answers, all these things and more lay foundations in the life of a child that go towards building a world view. By the time a child arrives at school, he or she will already have decided if the world is a safe place or a dangerous one, if it is a place to explore with many questions or if questions are unwelcome

Homework Club

Our homework clubs are staffed by qualified trained Romanian teachers and volunteers who have a very high level of commitment. These clubs provide a safe, warm, well lit, encouraging environment in which a child can do homework and receive additional tuition

Creative Club

Our creative clubs are about stimulating minds. Encouraging questions. Exploring the world around us. Helping children and young people to learn about who they are and what they enjoy.