Getting Involved

There are all kinds of ways in which you are able to help us in the work here.

Donations of money:
If you would like to make a one off financial donation to the work or if you would like to set up a monthly donation then please contact us at and we will send you further information.

Donations of goods and equipment:
If you have goods or equipment that you think might be helpful to the work here then please contact us at and provide us with some basic information. We will get back to you quickly to let you know if this is something that would be helpful. Please note that we cannot arrange transportation.

Short Term Teams:
We have a great deal of experience in receiving short term teams. These have ranged in size over the years from one or two people up to 120 people! If you are wanting to bring a short term team then please read the section below and send us an email to giving us some brief details of who you are and how many people you would like to bring and when. We will then get back to you with some additional questions and further information.

Short term volunteering

We are looking for people and teams for short term volunteering.

The key word is service

Many people who have joined us over the years have come with the idea that they are going to change the lives of the poor. It is important for you to come with the right mind set since this will help you to fully enjoy your time with us and will avoid you being disappointed. In a short mission trip, it will not be possible for you to change the lives of the people that you are visiting. It will, however, be possible for you to support our full-time team and for you to help them to effect change in the lives of and for the benefit of the poor. We ask that you see your role as serving our long term team. This might take many forms from cleaning, to dealing with routine administrative tasks or manual labour, to playing with children. Whatever form the service takes, it is the heart to serve that we are trying to encourage.

What will it be like?

In the summer months Romania is a hot country. In the winter it can be incredibly cold. The kind of work in which you will be involved may take you out of doors, and into areas that are dirty and muddy and you should bring appropriate clothing. Please note that local churches tend to be very conservative and we operate a modest dress code on all of our sites. If you have any questions regarding this then please get in touch with us before you leave

Common questions

For teams:
Beth’s phone nr: 0040.720.247.974
NetWorks’ office phone number: 0040.257.384.010
First Aid kit
Mobile Phone, with roaming enabled
List of all people in team, including dates of birth, passport nr and country of origin
Group or individual insurance

For individuals:
Phone numbers (see team info)
Passport (valid for at least 6 months)
Money (clean notes and Euros for minibus)
Flight tickets
Insurance information
Water bottle
Clothes (for working in   things you don’t mind ruining)**
Sleeping bag and mattress (optional)
Duvet cover, pillowcase and pillow
Hygiene stuff
Sun cream/insect repellent/hot water bottle
Rain gear
Work boots
Work gloves
Safety gear
Food (if you are staying at Taut, the menu will be simple, so if you want anything special, you’ll need to bring it unfortunately, we don’t have refrigerated storage available for individuals, so we won’t be able to store anything for you – please take that into account when you bring or purchase food.)

**sometimes people ask if they can leave the clothes they brought for working in   rule of thumb on items of clothing, shoes, etc   ask yourself – would you wear it at home? – – if not, then please don t leave it for us.

Living at Taut Camp: If you work at Taut camp we may be able to provide you with accommodation in the cabins or we may ask you to bring your own tents (in the summer).  It‘s a matter of simple living. There are accommodation fees to cover costs at the camp, current costs are under review please contact us for up-to-date information.

Food: Food at Taut camp is catered, current costs are under review   please contact us for up-to-date information.

Living elsewhere: If your team is not to be up at Taut there is a small hotel in Siria that we may be able to book teams into, the cost of this is higher than the cost of staying at Taut Camp, and prices vary from time to time. For individuals and very small groups (2 or 3) we do sometimes have accommodation available in one of our mission homes. This is very simple living. If we do make accommodation available to you in one of these homes then we would ask you to pay a sum towards the running costs of the home and for the utilities, which in the winter would include a sum for firewood. Please note that these are the homes of our missions team.

Romanian. Some Romanians speak some English. The organisation is English speaking.

Flights: You must arrange your own flight. You can find inexpensive flights into Budapest, Hungary or Timisoara, Romania on Wizzair, Jet2, AerLingus, RyanAir, and EasyJet.   (Time difference: Hungary 1hr ahead of UK, Romania 1 hr ahead of Sweden and 2hr ahead

of UK).

Ground Transport: Individuals: If you let us know in good and sufficient time we will help you to arrange a minibus to Siria from the airport in Budapest or Timisoara.  We’ll need the following information: full name, airline, flight number, and arrival time. You can go by train, which is cheaper, but it is not recommended if you are coming for the first time as it is fairly complicated.

If you are travelling as a group, we recommend that you think about renting a vehicle for the period of your stay (car or minibus). You can arrange to pick this up from the airport – a good site to use is Eurocars.

Telephone: It’s possible to buy telephone cards to call home from a public phone, but if you are at Taut, the village is a long walk from the camp.

Mobile phones: If you bring your phone from home (outside of Romania) it will usually work but it is very expensive since you will be using a roaming service and will have to pay when someone calls you or leaves voicemails. Make sure the team has at least one mobile phone though as this is the most convenient way for teams to contact home. (It is possible to buy a “pay as you go” card for a mobile phone to enable you to use a local network (advantage is you don’t pay for incoming calls from outside of the country.))

E-mail: There are Internet cafes in Arad, but visits to Arad are uncommon so don’t rely on this, wireless sometimes works if you have a wireless USB stick.  We do have internet in the office, but it is usually not available to teams.

The Romanian currency is called Leu. It s possible to change Sterling or Euros in Arad (not Siria), but you must ensure all notes are clean and unmarked.

Credit and debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, etc.) are good if you want to take cash out in Arad or Siria, and there are a few places in Arad where you can pay by credit card, but not in Siria or Taut. You will need cash to purchase goods there. There is a small charge each time you take money out depending on your bank. Please make sure your bank knows that you are travelling, it isn’t an uncommon occurrence for people’s card to be frozen when they try to make purchases or take money out of the bank machines.

Most of our team choose to drink the water in Arad, Siria and Taut, but it is recommended that people bring a bottle to fill when out and about. Mains water pressure in the villages can be pretty variable in the summer months. This can affect showers, toilets, laundry and drinking water.

Electricity: Plug sockets are the 2 pin European type. Adaptors are necessary for UK plugs.

Although we will of course be part of the process of determining your date of arrival and departure, the principal factors that govern this are often outside of our control, for example dates of holidays, vacation from university etc. This means that you may arrive at a time when there is a great deal of activity going on, or at a time that is relatively quiet (for example because of a gap in the agricultural season.) This means that you must come prepared for anything.  Anything  might include periods of time where you are simply sitting around. We strongly recommend that you bring a book with you and we will show you an area where you can sit during these  down  periods, and drink coffee, tea etc.

We do occasionally have short-term visitors come to serve with us who would like to do some kind of ministry, e.g. drama, counselling, Bible study, with the groups with whom we work. There are all kinds of reasons why this is simply not practical. Language barriers and a lack of cultural awareness are just two of the very good reasons why we therefore do not facilitate this. In our experience the most that it is possible for a short-term volunteer to do is provide help and support to our experienced missions team in these kinds of settings, where we need it.

We have spent a lot of time developing relationships in the communities where we serve and are keen to ensure that we respect the people we have spent many years getting to know. Groups of visitors in these areas are very noticeable and can begin to look like tourists, and so we are keen to ensure that groups are only taken into community when there is something very specific and useful for them to do.

We do run Kids Clubs and Youth Clubs and there are opportunities for groups to get involved in these from time to time. We also organize events such as football matches etc. occasionally. As a normal rule however, we do not take groups in to these areas to play with children.  Very specific and useful  might therefore include helping at kids club, or youth club or playing in a football match but will usually involve manual work of one kind or another. It might include cleaning, building, digging trenches, moving earth, drilling wells, planting gardens, cutting grass, painting, making and serving tea and coffee etc. It is important to be aware that we may split your group into smaller teams or ask you to work in different groups, or we may ask (with the group leaders  approval) individuals to get involved in specific things apart from the group. Where teams are going to be involved in specific projects in community and where these are planned in advance, we may ask the group to get involved in raising funds to help pay for the materials that will be used in that project. Where it is possible, we are willing to work out a rough program for the group before you arrive, but this is not always possible. It is very important that group leaders communicate this to their group before they book their air tickets.

We would ask everyone who is coming on a team to take the time to read our Terms of Working document. We require everyone who visits to sign a copy of this to say that they have read and understood it and to confirm that they will comply with its terms. This has been developed over a period of 16 years of working with the poor in Romania. Some of its contents may not seem to make sense to you, however we ask that you trust our hearts in this as well as our experience. We will require all of the successful applicants to comply with its terms.

For U.S. individuals and teams this is given at the border, valid for up to 90 days. If you are travelling from other countries check the relevant website for your country for advice about travelling to Romania.  If you are travelling from within the EU then you will not need a visa for a short-term stay.

International driving licenses are accepted here, preferably the photo license. Make sure you bring the full license, (paper bit too if you are from the U.K.). If you bring your own car make sure you bring your insurance certificate, registration document and green card.

How do we apply?

While we would love you to just be able to come and spend time with us, due to our own internal policies and EU and Romanian law, there is some paperwork that needs to be submitted before we can invite you to come. Please contact us if you have any questions

If you want to come as a team, then please contact us for application details

Required documents

Complete all the forms and send them in all together electronically to


Please download the application, complete it electronically, save it with your name and email it to us.


Three references

One from your pastor and two from people who are not related to you, can speak about your character and have known you for at least two years.  Please download this form and email it to your references.


We also need:

  • Current Police check (If you have questions about this, please ask)

  • Medical insurance (emergency travel insurance, and copy of EHIC)

  • Data copy of your passport

  • Copies of school certificates or diplomas

  • Immunisations (Contact your doctor before you come here, if possible two months in advance. Whilst working here you may come into contact with people who have hepatitis A, B & C and Tuberculosis.